Monday, April 6, 2009

Illy..Family Woes

I'm in the office..and I feel like shyt...

but dammit if I dont look fab! lol

I have a sinus infection folks! ugh!

I've been taking Sudafed all hopefully it lets up soon..

But I googled it..

And it said..

These symptoms last (on average) 10 days!!

I dont have 10 days to just give away yo!

So I will be working, studying, and pushing through this illness..

I'm a ridah..


On another note...

My sister living back in Los Angeles has been pleasant..

My brother on the other hand..well..

He has caused a lot of drama in the family..

Ya see...he went off and married some chick

And didn't tell anybody..

No engagement..

No including the family..

Just all of a sudden..he went to vegas (how classy)

And now he is some chick that nobody really knows..

Moms is heated!! Especially since she was thee last person to find out..

I mean, I knew about it before she did...!

My brother is grown (28) so I wont question his decisions,

I just hope he made the right decision..

I met her..

And I wasn't too impressed..

But to each its own..

I just hate to see my mom so upset..

So a piece of me hates what he did..

But I will support him nevertheless...

Welp..back to work! I'm tryna leave early today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Checking in..

Life is better today than it was..well..yesterday..

I'm workin hard yo..

and it's hard to keep someone happy

when you don't have time for them..

but I'm trying..

cuz the time is worth it..

My sis is moving back to L.A.

she's a couple years older than me..

but if you ask her..I'm the big sis..tru story

spring break is next I'ma take sum time

to ree-fuckin-lax! oh boi..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

True folks..

I can't help but smile

Cuz through it all..its what is intended

I can't be mad

I have grown so much in the past several months..

I have so much on my plate at this point..

I really don't have time for fickleness

Fickle people..


I strive for greatness..

And its a blessing to have some solid people on my team

I am confident..

That 1 day all this hard work will indeed pay off..

And I am even more confident..

That when it does.

There will be individuals who will wanna be on my team..

Some that maybe wasn't checkin for me in the past..

It always happens..

Bandwagon folks..

I will laugh..

And extend a hand..

As I guide them to the outer circle..

It is there where they shall stay and find shelter along with comfort..

I have the ability to see false pretenses a mile away..

And it is this ability that has put me in a position

where I can focus on those who have my best interest at heart..

I am thankful..

Ya see, this past weekend, a family member passed away..

I was sad..

I still am..

But I can only move forward in my endeavors

Life's too short to dwell..

So I won't make this so saddening..

Here's to the future..

And those who have transcended into it..

I won't ever forget the efforts of ma true folks!

And thas real!

Monday, February 23, 2009

15 Reasons I Will NOT be dating you..

Sooo....I was tagged. And with no further adue.....

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 15 reasons you will not date a person. At the end, choose 15 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

15 Reasons I will NOT be dating you:

1. You told me your name was G-loc, Killa D, Young Knucklebop, ECT. and asked me what hood I stay in.

2. You only claim 2 kids at a time per year...

3. You have no job, not in school, and pretty much do nothing with your life BUT you are always busy..

4. You have lived with/shacked up with more than 3 women and your still in your 20s..

5. You tried to hold my hand in public on the first date..

6. You wear pencil leg jeans and v-necks to your belly button

7. You save my number under a different name in your phone..

8. You quit your 9 to 5 to hustle full time..

9. I felt it..and was not impressed :/

10. You always talk shyt about the home team!

11. I asked you who your favorite rapper was and you said Mac Dre..

12. You are proud of the fact that you have DSL's (d*** s*****g lips)

13. I met your mom and she said "I don't know what the hell you see in him!! REALLY!"

14. You still talk to your EX on the regular..

15. You are we are probably cousins..

Me and my homegirl NeeNee..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Good Day to be Black & Sexy!

It was Saturday..I woulda went out regardless.

But there was a film screening party in Baldwin Hills for
"A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy"

The film is dope! It's an independent film that was featured at sundance late last year. Google it to see the trailor.

So after they screened the film..the director and a few of the actresses in it came up for a Q&A session. The director..hmm... well he was not at all what I expected. Of course he was a black man..but he seemed like a nerd..okay maybe its just the style but the first scene in the film is a woman having an intense orgasm while her man's head is between her legs giving her that good shyt. Gets your attention right away! LoL There were several short stories in the film. I liked it. It looked sorta low budget although the film cost upwards of $100,000 to make.

So after the Q&A, the party got ta crackin' was nice! The view off the balcony was so official. I love the way Downtown L.A. looks at night. People started poppin' up and soon enough there were bodies packed into this mansion on the top of the hill. The pool in the back had large sculpted dinosaurs and the lighting in the pool changed from purple to green to red. Shoot, if it wasn't so damn cold I'da put my feet in!

So since it was VDay n all, my 2 homegirls both invited dates or whatever. The drinks started flowin cuz the homie was the bartender...meaning my glass was never once empty.

I met a lot of cool folks. It was an older crowd which is what I perfer. The Deejay was hittin..playin all my know I had to wiggle a lil bit...

Then I ran into my homeboi's brother who was up there wit his cousin. It was coo' seein a few familiar faces.

It was getting late. I was on the balcony and the homegirl was like "Girl you need to holla at 1 of these tenders up in here! "

Me: "Um, no I don't. I didn't come to find no boo."

She:"Well you gone be leaving alone then. I'm tryna plug myself with (such n such). You betta get somethin!" (as she walked back inside)

Me: "Fuck You Trick!!"

Okay okay, I didn't really say that last part Lol

I could write a book on how people act around Vday. About how people like to dwell on false hopes just because its fuckin Vday.

Not I.

I don't care what day it is.

I will not lower my standards.


So I left alone. Went home.

And hugged a pillow.

My Vday was spent EXACTLY how I wanted it.


I wish I could post the pics from that night (Cuz ya girl was mos def killn) BUT, my camera is on crack :(

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I think Valentines Day is the biggest JOKE! Half the people in 'love' ain't faithful and one day out the year wanna act like they are...ha!

I think I need a new phone. I have this Blackberry Curve but it just doesn't do it for me. When's the new 1 coming out for at&t?

They will play that Jamie Foxx song out...i swear! The remix is pretty hott tho...

I think I like my PR (public relations) professor. He's just so smart and informative. Also encouraging and kinda sexii...I'm sure I'll never miss a class! LOL

I met this comedian at the Keri Hilson grammy afterparty that I just cant get outa my head. I didn't get his name but he had me ROLLIN'! And he had a nice smile :)

I sometimes hate living on such a major street. There's always cars. There's always people. I couldn't be low key even if I wanted to! Oh, and there's a pretty big college across the street. Shoot, wish we had a balcony. Its a good street to people watch on.

My sister is a damn fool and I love her so much. Thas about all Ima say about that LOL

I don't like my brothers girlfriend and I've never even met her. Sounds bad.
I know. We've talked on the phone a couple times. She just seems fake to me. Doin the most to get in good wit the fam. Well, he's bringing her to meet moms in March so I'll make my final decision then. Bro is quite a catch so I'm tuff on whoever he's wit. Bottle line.

The two most overused words EVER are "SWAGGER" and "HATER"
Most people have NEITHER one so why do they live and die by it..its dumb.
I, however, do have HATERS so BIG UPS! LOL :P

Ever think you're just way too smart to talk to certain people? I do..

I can never turn the channel when I see Barack on the screen. And I will bite your digits off if you even try to reach for the remote! Hmph!

Isn't progress beautiful! I would like to think so.
It's not always hard. Progress means cutting dead weight. It means change, for the better. I love it. It's what life's about!

Say a quick prayer for ya girl! I work for LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) and these budget cuts are putting my employment in jeopordy. I know my job is secure for this fiscal year, but 2010 isn't too promising...

So, Who was driving the white Bentley? (if you live in L.A. then you know what I'm talking about)

Friday, February 6, 2009


Its when fantasy is introduced to reality

From another galaxy

But it still feels so real

Its hypnotizing

And I keep finding

Reasons that cause me to chill

Its indescribable..can u feel it

I never wanted you to think u could jus kill it

But if u catch it I'm sure i can deal it

Hitn the deepest of this suggestion

Turning tense vibes into aggression

Following in every which direction

Please Pay attention

I don't do this regularly

so don't think ur better than me

when its done, its setting me free

Simply put, its giving u me


I'm actually worse at my best

Thinking of how to contest
the present distress

Altho I strive on progress

its pointless to be this modest

The truth is I'm d o p e . .

Sunday, January 25, 2009


He's addicted to me

But I've evicted his scheme

Leaving no room for dreaming which increases the speed

I'm not giving him me

In fact I'm letting him breath

Because he places me between

His lowest priorities

But he just won't let me be

Cuz he's not used to the Queen

He's used to simplicity

And he see how I do me

He's used to getting his way

I make him wait on the day

When he's sure that I won't stray

When there's no more delay

I see him as fiction

And I'm his addiction

To the point that he got me under close supervision

It's not what I envisioned

How can this be when he no longer fits the description

I'm leveled and content while he's emotionally strippin'

I must be trippin'


Thats it

It must be me

Monday, January 12, 2009


So, I just celebrated 23!!
Here are some pictures from the night of my party...
Anyhoo, I had hella fun! I partied it up in to meet both Lyfe Jennings and J. Holiday..I seen Deray too, but I see dat nigga allll the time...I got pretty messed up Saturday..dat adios crept up on ya gyrl! All the folks came out to celebrate wit me..which was more than I could ask for!

The pics below are from after the club, in which I was rather intoxicated... :P

Fun Times!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm looking for the balance of it all
From what has been and what will be
Life's a journey that I plan to complete
The pure essence of what I strive to be
Encouraged to do what most won't
Finding new challenges when most don't

Just because you have followers doesn't, in any sense, make you a leader
So please don't succumb to the recycled manuscript
I won't tell if you don't
About how the world's fallacy has made you
And you have made copies
And these copies pretend to be real like me
But only those real like me can understand
That discernment is not a command, but yet a gift that distinguishes
you from your bullshyt

I can honestly lie, and you can vaguely come clean
But the balance is lost when you cant fathom what I mean
Its what makes silence so extreme
And turns thoughts into dreams

Which is ironic since I dream of balance
The kind I want to make this journey worth half the trip
This spectrum is always too much or not enough
Which is why the perfect balance can only be found in love